Sunday, 11 December 2011

Furniture: The Folkvik TV Bench by IKEA

After rearranging and fixing the living room a couple of months ago, it’s obvious that we need a new tv stand.  We’re hunting for a tv bench with huge storage cabinets like the Folkvik tv bench by IKEA.

Folkvik TV Bench with Storage by IKEA
Costs $249.00
Photo credit: IKEA

The design is simple yet attractive.  The shelves are something we really need to keep our small home theater organized.  There is also enough room left for our DVD and Blu-Ray collections which is excellent.

I  really want to get this one.  Problem is, the maximum screen size of the flat telly is only 47” while our tv’s screen size is 50”.  Ouch!  Hmmm… this one’s not for us.  Yayks!  I better keep on looking.

I am hoping to stumble upon something like this but with wider and if possible, with more cabinets … on sale!  Because it’s December, I am pretty sure that year-end sale is just around the corner.  I might as well wait!

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