Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kitchen: Dishwasher - On!

Getting a dishwasher has been an off and on decision on my part.  Bebe, on the other end, is go-go-go! on owning one.  dishwasher

The kitchen is my favorite area of the apartment.  I cook a lot.  I bake almost everyday.  I eat many times within the 24-hour period and when it comes to washing the dishes, my energy’s already all burned out or well, laziness kicks in real bad!  Tsk tsk.  It’s only a few days ago when I’ve finally given into the temptation of having a dish machine.  Why not?  The idea’s actually awesome.  Why haven’t I thought of that earlier?

Bebe and I will be giving our landlord a ring anytime soon to know when it is possible to fix a dishwasher for us.  Hopefully before January ends, we already have one that’s ready to go!

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