Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pets: Elegant Cat Tower and Litter Box by The Refined Feline

Our cats’ tower has long retired and yet, we still haven’t had it replaced.  To be honest, I am quite fed up with the regular ones.  After dealing with a number of the conventional designs for almost five years, I want something new!  Something that will look great in our living room like The Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower:

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No doubt.  This cat tower is definitely a lovely piece.  The wood’s made in Ply with Oak veneer and is stained to withstand scratches.  It has a scratch pad on the side.  The hide-away box has soft washable cushions placed above and inside it.  The price is something I can’t afford at the moment, sad to say [pout face] but it’s really really gorgeous, isn’t she?

All cat lovers like this cat furniture the LEAST [in fact, some actually hate it --- I do, don’t you?] --- the cat’s loo box!  I’ve figured out a temporary solution to the loo issue though.  I have it hidden under a cute table with a nice looking cloth covering it.  It works well!  People won’t notice that it’s there for as long as I make sure to replace the sand often.  All those being said, I still find this Refined Cat Litter Box smart and handy:

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The sliding tray for the litter box is genius!  I sure want one for my adorable kitty-catties.

How about you?  Are you also tired of old cat towers and awful cat litter boxes?

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