Thursday, 29 March 2012

Grabbing Some Kitchen Goods at IKEA Soon

The last time we drove to IKEA in Gävle, the nearest IKEA warehouse from home was in July 2010.  Although it would only take us an hour to get there, visiting IKEA hadn’t turned out to be one of our habits.  We found it easier to order what we needed on their shop on the web.  No fuss.  No muss.  That being said, Bebe, my in-laws and I were planning on going on a trip to IKEA in the weeks to come.  Excited as always, I already came up with my shopping list.

Because the kitchen is my priority these days, here are the set of kitchen items I am hoping to bring home from our upcoming IKEA day:

Ikea Kitchen

1.] A Stainless Steel Shelving Unit for my kitchen gadgets [blender, food processor, stand mixer and more]

2.] A salad glass bowl in dark gray

3.] A stainless steel whisk

4.] A potato and fruit peeler

5.] Teaspoons

6.] A dish drainer with a removable tray underneath to replace our old one

That’s it!  Not much, huh?  I have promised to keep my list as simple as possible and I am really hoping to return home with all of these.  I’ll certainly grab some more goods for the kitchen that aren’t included in the list but I will be making sure that I will not be overspending.  Not this time, fingers crossed!

How about you?  Do you shop at IKEA?  Which department do you usually spend most of your time when there?

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