Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Neater Home Office Corner

I really wanted to get that computer corner desk I spotted on an online ad however, after visiting the furniture shop downtown, I realized that it was such a huge piece.  With a not so spacious apartment, to buy it wasn’t a smart choice.  So instead, I went home and redecorated the living room.  I moved furniture around until everything looked better.  I created a tiny yet more comfortable office space.


My old computer table works well, I think.  It does not look so awesome but somehow, I feel contented.  I have everything I need within reach.  There’s my laptop, the desktop, a speaker and printer.  And oh… Bebe has also gotten me a cork board where I can pin reminders for blog tasks and opps.  No more reason for late, overdue and forgotten tasks!

How about you?  Are you happy with your home office?  Is it huge or tiny like mine?  Do you always keep things organized?

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