Thursday, 26 April 2012

A New Drawer? Definitely, a Good Idea.

I have been trying to keep my items organized.  I want to make myself believe that I am doing a good job but for real, I am not.  I can’t maintain my things in a systematic fashion.  I am not proud of myself right now and I am so looking forward to visiting a furniture shop, the sooner the better.

My jewelry organizer which a friend gifted to me two years ago.  It has gotten smaller, obviously.

…where I keep my watches and hair accessories.

Shallow as it may seem, but a new drawer [or dresser… or whatever it’s called] is really a good idea to make my day a whole lot brighter.  I will be overjoyed if I can soon have this baby… the HOPEN 8-drawer dresser in black-brown with frosted glass detail from IKEA.  If not, well at least something that looks like it.  I kinda like it a lot… yah know?


How about you?  Are you a very organized person?  Where and how do you keep your jewelry and other accessories in order?

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