Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nostalgic Phones: Ring a Bell?

Our home phone is dead… I mean, kinda.  It still rings but only when in the mood to do so and when it does, it no longer tells you who’s calling.  Yup!  Caller ID, not working.  Because it’s obviously time to change the unit, I have Googled a little for a possible replacement and have bumped into classic phones.  They are retro-nostalgic looking which I actually find cool!  Some are in their original condition while some come with a modern day touch.


The Porcelain Phone - French Classic Phone in Gold

It’s fully modular and comes with an electronic ringer, redial/mute/flash functions, on/off ringer switch and a ringer volume control.

Get it for $49.95 at


The W48 Telephone - Black

A German classic telephone.  No changes added.  Phone is reconditioned.

Get it for £350 at


The GPO 746 Telephone in Red

The design was originally released in the 60’s.  This unit comes with an of/off switch.

Get it for £60 at


The Crosley "CANDLESTICK" Telephone Vintage Style 1919

Admit it.  You want it, too!  It’s an upgraded version of the classic candlestick phone with a redial button, an on/off switch, ringer volume switch and an earpiece volume control.

Get this for $70 at

Oh my.  I do sound ridiculous but I really want the candlestick phone.  With the fast-paced and never-ending technological advances, I guess it is relaxing to sometimes savour that nostalgic feeling, don’t you think?

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