Thursday, 19 April 2012

That Star Wars Inspired Living Room - Oh So Lush!

I was searching over the internet for home decorating ideas for people with Star Wars Collectibles and bumped into this very cool living room inspiration:

Star Wars

I got the photo above from Home-Designing’s Ultimate Star Wars Room Décor post.  Oh man.  I was so drooling staring at a bunch of samples that they have on the blog.  Fascinating.  Gorgeous.  Lovely.  Amazing.  Every little detail just blew me away.  And well, the living room was my favorite.  That Millennium Falcon coffee table --- oh so lush and is brilliant to the max!

Okay.  So, why was I looking for Star Wars home deco inspiration?  Simple.  We have a bunch of Star Wars collectibles lying everywhere in our apartment.  The Millennium Falcon inside an old cabinet, a Darth Vader home phone, a Darth Vader head gear inside a box in the basement  [ouch!], a complete Star Wars DVD set and a few Star Wars plush dolls.  I am pretty sure that there’s more to come so if I can have all these cuties organized in a decorative manner in the living room, I’ll be making someone really happy!

How about you?  Do you have Star Wars collectibles?  If you have, how do you keep them organized and where do you keep them?

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