Monday, 7 May 2012

Home Decorators Collection: Living Room Ideas

Although it is not going to happen this year, I am so excited about the fact that we will one day be starting the construction of our house in the Philippines.  As early as today, we are already creating plans and estimating costs and time needed to begin the much awaited project.

I am not an interior designer [I wish I was] but I already have in mind a few things for the living room.  I love simplicity so expect NOT over the top furniture pieces and decorations.  Oh.  I so like the home deco items at Home Decorators Collection so I have taken a number of living room ideas from them.  It is quite sad that they do not have a supply chain in the Philippines.  If they only have, furniture shopping could have been way easier.  Anyway, here are my picks:

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1.] Laurel Sectional Set - [a loveseat, a chair, a corner chair and an ottoman].  Price: $1,169
2.] Addison Beaded Table Lamp [set of 2].  Price: $239
3.] Metal Open Dial Clock [Indoor or Outdoor].  Price: $139
4.] Cottage Accent Table [not available at the moment]
5.] Maystone 22” Wide Pillow. Price: $19
6.] Elaine Drapery Panel [Green].  Price: $44
7.] Montego 4-Shelf Bookcase. Price: $129
8.] Willow Metal Wall Art. Price: $129

Awww!  I am so thrilled to put the plan into action… the sooner the better.

How about you?  How’s your living room?  Comfy?  Simple?  Gorgeous?  State of the art?  Where do you purchase your furniture?  Online or offline?

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