Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pump Up Your Kitchen Cupboards with Interesting Coffee Mugs

I am on my second cup of cappuccino and will soon be having my third for the day.  My black coffee mug reminds me of that day when I’ve gotten too overjoyed after catching sight of the biggest coffee mug I’ve personally seen so far only to know that it is not a coffee mug at all but a pot.  Yes!  It’s designed for plants, not humans.  I haven’t seen the hole it has at the bottom at once so boo-hoo for me!

Coffee Mug1 

It would have been totally awesome if it was a real mug.  I know that it would sound so crazy to think of me drinking 750mL of coffee in one sitting but as a certified coffeeholic, I do find it way cool to at one at home.  Well, at least I am not aiming for that giant 160 ounce [~4.73 liters] coffee mug!

Giant Coffee Mug
Bam!  He fells asleep even before getting the first sip!

World’s Largest Coffee Cup
Price: $46
Order yours at

If you are planning to pump up your kitchen cupboards with interesting mugs, check these out:



Sip good luck with the Lucky Pig Mug
Price: $16.99 at



If you love both coffee and beer [drink separately *wink*]  this Beer Mug is for you!
Price: $4.88 from $9.95 at



Join The Avengers!  Take the first step by grabbing this Sculptured Captain America Mug
Price: $12.50 
There you go!  I want the Captain America and Lucky Pig mugs.  How about you?  Like anything above?

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