Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Is Off to IKEA for a New Coffee Table

After getting the news about the drive to IKEA on Thursday after lunch, I got so thrilled that I checked out IKEA’s online shop at once.  I was going through their list of coffee tables and had actually found one that caught my attention.  I added it to my IKEA iPhone shopping list and well, added a few more things on the cart.

At IKEA.  2011.
We’re going to IKEA.  We’re going to IKEA.  Na na na na na!

Two months ago, I was Googling for simple and budget friendly coffee table designs.  I found three however, the piece that I recently added on my wish list was way better-looking compared to my earlier Google search.

Presenting, the IKEA VITTSJÖ living room table, set of two, black and glass for 499 Swedish crowns [around $70].


Not a bad choice, huh?  I like the idea of two tables-in-one.  Although the price is not really that cheap, I believe that it is a good deal.  I just hope that it is in stock when we get there.  It is upsetting to find out that the item you have been really wanting to purchase is not available by the time you visit their store.  It has happened to us a number of times!  I truly hope that this pretty table is waiting for us on Thursday.

Not sure yet but we might also buy a wardrobe cabinet, a four or five drawer chest and a few things more.  I probably sound shallow but I am really very excited for the scheduled IKEA day!  Can’t wait!

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