Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Gnistra Knife Sharpener from IKEA - Thumbs Up!

Culinary school and my internship mentors have taught me a valuable lesson “A good chef must always have a good knife”.  It is actually simple common sense… if it is dull, sharpen it and remember to get yourself a quality knife sharpener!

Bebe has gotten me the Gnistra knife sharpener from IKEA [365+ series] hoping that I might like it and I do!

The Gnistra knife sharpener is very easy to use, clean and store.  It comes with three different slots coarse [1, blue], medium [2, pink] and fine [3, white] sharpening options or in some cases, the pink is for the course while the blue is for the medium.

I tested the product with the knife that has the dullest blade and after running it lightly through the coarse wheels [about 15 pulls], it can already cut into tomatoes easily and smoothly.  This simple looking kitchen helper does make my slicing, dicing, peeling, filleting and chopping a lot easier and quicker.  I am so happy that Bebe has purchased this for me!

I will be sharpening all my knives later today to make sure that our kitchen will not be having any boring knives lying inside the cabinets anymore.

Definitely worth the 129 Swedish crowns [costs $12.99 in IKEA US] that Bebe paid for!

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