Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our Cats And Their Favorite Ludicrous Beds

We have two gorgeous indoor pets, the six-year old cat named Neko [black] and the three-year old Bisse [orange].  Both are adorable, cuddly and obviously spoiled to the max.  They have a tower hideout cat furniture which they rarely show interest in and just recently, my thoughtful mother-in-law has purchased a cat bed for them.  They have everything they need to have a comfortable life and yet they often choose to stay in ludicrous spaces.

Introducing Bisse and Neko, chillaxing up on their tower:

The pretty cat bed from my mom-in-law:

Bisse says, “This is not a box but my hiding place so please, don’t throw this away, please?”  This box became Bisse’s sleeping box for a couple of months but was eventually thrown away.  You bet… of course he got a new box!

Neko says, “Priority Mail, huh?  Gotta remove all these items outta here.  Oh yeah… this is going to be my new crib!”

Bisse says, “Uh-oh.  Mom and dad got me the wrong size.  This bed’s too small for me.  What were they thinking?  Ugh.”

Bisse to Neko: “Neko, mind sharing your pink hideout with me?  Looks so lush!”
Neko to Bisse: “There’s no more room for you.  Turn around and get the green one instead.”

These are just a few of the amusing photos of our cats caught on cam and isn’t it amazing?  My cats are smart enough to choose beds that we do not have to pay for!

How about you?  Do you have pets?  What are their favorite ludicrous beds and spaces?

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