Monday, 13 August 2012

How Can Cats And Dogs Live Together?

There are a lot of people who say that dogs are like men and cats are like women because of the certain behavioural traits that they have. This means that having both as pets can sometimes be a little tricky as it is important for you to ensure that they get along together. Getting them as a young puppy and kitten at the same time is going to be beneficial because they can grow up together from the start. Sometimes this is not possible and one will be a newer addition to the home.

• It is important to make any new member to your family feel welcome and give them an area in your home that they can call theirs. Don’t forget that cats and dogs are very territorial animals. Giving them their own space is instantly going to help them feel at home and this will also help them understand the different barriers in the house.

• Also buying food is going to be a little tricky as you are going to have to research the different brands that are on offer. You can however go for a pet food like Iams as they cater for both animals in their range.

Iams dog food has an extensive range of flavours and is also suited to different sizes of dogs. This means that it is going to be easier for you to find a suitable food that will give your canine friend the right nutrients that it is going to need.

Iams cat food is just as good as their canine food but is specifically catered for our feline friends. What you get here is a great product that not only gives cats all of the specific nutrients and supplements that they need but it also comes in a range of flavours that are going to appeal to their fussy tastes.

If you can sort out the food situation in your home then this is going to make both animals live in harmony. There will be no jealousy and you can be sure that they will be getting all of the right healthy ingredients that they need to grow into strong adults.

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