Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Our Little “Us” Corner

We might not have a spacious living room but I love what we have anyway.  Our comfy sofa, big coffee table, 50-inch 3D telly by Samsung, Blu-ray, PS3, DVD collection, cat tower, cross trainer, computer/work desk, tall mirror --- somehow all fit in it.  Of course.  Just like any other homes, we do have a little “us” corner.  It isn’t much but it’s more than okay.

1.] The old red photo frame which I found lying inside a box ---  I clipped tiny pics of our favorite movies from a movie magazine then pasted each one on both sides of the frame.  It turned out great.  The photo was taken during our first coffee date together in Davao City, Philippines on October 2006 [or was it November?  Aw!  Sorry!]

2.] The vase with a big heart --- I got this as a gift from Bebe on one Valetine’s Day.  It originally came with red roses.

3.] The clear glass bear with heart --- I received this as a birthday present from one of Bebe’s younger brothers.  At night, I turn it on and it lights up.  Truly lovely and so cute!

4.] The box of chocolate candles –-- Lo, Bebe’s best friend gave me this pretty set of candles as a Christmas present three years ago.  Because I so find them adorable, all four remain unlit up to this very moment.

5.] The little girl candle holder –—- My awesome granny- and grandpa-in-laws handed me this together with some cash during my 2010 birthday dinner party.

How about you?  How does your “us” corner look like?  Is it filled with photos and your favorite gifts?

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