Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wish List: Home Theater Recliners

It was on Facebook where I glanced upon a photo shared by my friend on her wall.  It shook my curiosity for awhile and it was then I started Googling about it.  I already did a quick internet search regarding the product a year ago but thought of letting the idea fly out the window.  It was something we could not afford at the moment.  *sigh*  I was hoping that prices would have magically went down.  But of course, that was only another wishful thinking, wasn’t it?

By the way, I am talking about the home theater recliner.  Because Bebe and I spends a lot of hours watching movies and tv shows after work and on the weekends, a home theater chair each is a comfy way of spending telly and movie moments together at home.

This Cyrus Theater Recliner from for example costs $599.99 per piece.  This black leather covered relaxing recliner has a hardwood frame and is made up of spring construction.  With cup holders – yeah!

Maybe not today but in two or three years time, we’ll definitely get a pair of this!

Now, who wants one?

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