Monday, 8 October 2012

A Smart Living Room Idea from Freshome

While searching the internet for space saving living room ideas, Google brought me to Freshome: Design and Architecture’s website.  With more than 400K Facebook fans, I was sure that I was on the right place.  I immediately ranged about freely from one page to another, reading articles, looking for ideas and hunting for photos.  With loads of excellent tips that come complete with pictures, I just couldn’t stop myself from going “Oh wow.  Wow.  Wow.”

Anyway, here’s the living room idea that I find perfect for our flat:

Photo credit: Freshome

It’s clever and is designed for small rooms like we have at the moment.  There’s a cat tower in one corner, too!

We have the same [almost] sofa as that on the photo.  It’s just that ours has a darker shade, brownish or something like that.  We really have to get a new coffee table and have our huge living room carpet washed.  I might be purchasing some throw pillows to complete the look, too.  Oh!  New curtains of course.  But I won’t be getting white ones.  Winter’s here soon so green might be the right color for the season.

How about you?  Do you have a small living room or a huge and spacious one?  Did you design it yourself or did you get help from professionals?  Perhaps get ideas over the internet or magazines?

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