Monday, 8 October 2012

Cool Stuff: The U-Board Smart

Bless this Stuff continues to amaze me with cool techy products that they feature in their website.  As a fan of their Facebook Page, I receive daily updates [status, photos, etc.] about the things and ideas they drool about.  While at their e-place this morning, I stumbled upon this U-board Smart stuff that I find really interesting.  I just can’t let this day pass me by without adding this item to my blog.  Anyway, here it is, the U-board Smart:

Photo credit: Bless this Stuff

The U-board Smart [or simply Uboard] is a desktop organizer with built-in 3 Port USB Hubs plus a cup holder that comes with a card holder slot.  It costs $49 per piece on Amazon and can only be shipped to US residents [for the meantime].

There is a mixture of bad and good reviews about this product on Amazon so if you are aiming to get one, I suggest you check them first.  I for one is interested so I will be reading quite a number of comments before getting into conclusion.

How about you?  Have you seen this board before?  Have you tried it yourself?  Own one, will get one or are you not at all interested?

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