Monday, 29 October 2012

Pink-Lighted Bath Tub, Anyone?

For some reason, searching the world wide web for random photos of bathroom ideas lead me to this pink-lighted bath tub which I found at kickette.  Although I am not massively in love with the color, this gorgeous thing takes me one step closer to becoming a pink fanatic. 

Now, I am wondering if I can add pink lights onto our tub to at least turn it into this very inviting haven.  Like a DIY thing, you know?  Because I have no proper training when it comes to electrical matters, I might end up electrocuting myself instead of getting a relaxing bath while sipping champagne my refreshing ice cold cola or hot caffè latte.  So to be sure that I am on the safer page, I need to hire an expert to get it done for me.  For this idea, DIY is not applicable for me.  Hurting myself [and Bebe] is a big NO NO in my rule book.

Oooops… speaking of my dear Bebe, I just realized one thing – he will definitely like this idea!  Aw!  What was I thinking?  My oh my.

Anyway, if you are so attracted to anything and everything that is pink and you have your own private bathroom and tub, I highly suggest you get yourself the pink bath.

Top of the morning to you all!

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