Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Totally Awesome Bunk Beds

Bunk beds remind me of my school days back in the Philippines.  I spent my last two university years in a dormitory located just across the campus.  It wasn’t a super luxurious place but it was a well-maintained and lovely dorm.  Plus!  The couple who managed it was accommodating, approachable and friendly.

Anyway, I stayed in a good-for-two room.  It was tiny.  It only had two study tables plus chairs, clothing cabinets [one each] and a bunk bed.  Since I was the new girl, I couldn’t choose my sleeping spot.  The upper bunk was free and that was where I belonged.  No regrets.  I had one good night’s sleep after another while feeling that I was on top of the world!

To be frank, the bunk bed we slept on had nothing special about it.  The design was plain and if I was right, it was not even painted.  Just a set of two simple beds put together in an affordable dormitory across the street…

… which is why whenever I stop by the houzz website, I can’t stop myself from admiring its huge collection of totally awesome bunk beds.  With almost 30,000 bunk bed ideas to go through, it’s simply a bunk bed haven!

1.] The white and pink combo by wayfair is perfect for your girls’ room .  The stairs are drawers, too with shelves at the side.  The flower inspired drawer knobs complete this pretty in pink, girly girl bunk bed set!

2.] Designed by Linda McDougald of Postcard from Paris home – I know.  It’s absolutely dashing, right?  Clean, neat and simple lines and straight to the point design.  The storage space at the center is such a smart idea.

3.] My love for the color purple had vanished a few years after I graduated from the university.  However, could I really say NO to this beautiful Barney inspired princess room by Lawanna Wood Designs?  It’s chic, it’s sweet and spice plus everything nice!  I adore the mirror and the carpet!

Okay.  So there goes my top three faves [I only managed to see the first 80 designs so far] --- more than enough to show you bits and pieces of a colossal bunk bed collection at houzz!  Check ‘em out yourself! 

Warning: Prepare to be dazzled!

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