Monday, 19 November 2012

What I Love Most About My Home…

Time check:  it’s almost half past two in the morning and I am still wide awake.  After that power nap I took thirty minutes after dinner, it feels like I have this overflowing energy!  I shouldn’t have taken that power nap in the first place.  I am hoping that the bed will soon call my name or else I will definitely end up like a zombie in the morning.

While spending my last few minutes on Facebook before hitting dreamland, a friend shared this lovely quote on her wall:

Photo credit: Lamps Plus Facebook Page

Home is indeed where the heart is!  I do live in a simple one-bedroom flat which I share with the most fantastic man in the world [love yah’ Bebe!] and our two cute sweet cats. 

How about you?  What do you love most about your home and who do you share it with?  Are you living in a flat or a house?  Do you have pets like us?

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