Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Elegant Coffee Tables with Expensive Price Tags

Out of curiosity and genuine boredom while suffering from this slight fever, I played a 2006 Piolo Pascual and Judie Ann Santos film [Don’t Give Up On Us] on the telly while staring at elegant coffee tables online that only celebrities and very rich people can afford.

I first stopped by then checked a few at  I also spent a few minutes at and  Below are the coffee tables with high price tags that made me go WOW and AW! 

Coffee tables over $1,500 a piece:

Arktura Quadra Coffee Table
Price: $2,195.00 at

Arktura Loop Coffee Table – Blue
Price: $1,990.00 at

Andrew Martin Jantar Mantar Coffee Table
Price: £1,445.00 at

Oggetti Geo Rectangular Coffee Table
Priced at $1,749.00 [before: $1,987.50] at

Andrew Martin Camargo Coffee Table
Price: £2,575.00 at

1970's Metal and Glass Coffee Table, Oval Glass Top
Price: $1,800.00 at

With a wide selection of extravagant coffee tables both offline and online, you’ll definitely find it easy to pick what you want especially if your wallet is fat. 

Let me guess… you want to take home one of these right now, don’t you?  If you’ll make me pick one… just one, I’ll go with the blue Arktura Loop Coffee Table without thinking twice.

Have a fine Wednesday everyone!

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