Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Gift Ideas from Pier1 Under $50 for Homeaholics

A few more weeks to go and it’s once again that time of the year to enjoy and celebrate a custom filled day with family and friends.  There’ll be singing, merry making, games, food [loads of them], unending story telling and of course, gift giving.

Speaking of which, are you done with your gift list or are you still lost and can’t seem to figure out where to start?

If by chance you’re thinking of gift ideas for homeaholics like me, has this fabulous items to choose from without making your wallet cry and your cash card dry.  I am so sure that your mom, sisters-in-law, aunts, grandmas, girl friends and your next door neighbor will be more than just delighted to have one of these:

Pier 1 Imports body cleanser
$12.00 -

Pier One Felt Roses Pillow

Pier One Small Diffuser - Autumn Leaves
$6.98 -

Pier One Kioko Tea Set
$24.00 -

Pier One Dazzle Leaves Clock

Pier One Red Urn Lamp

Pier One Art Glass Sculpture with Glitter
$39.95 -

Pier One Hammered Bronze Flower Wine Rack
$29.98 -
If you were to choose only one from the list above, which one will you pick without needing to think twice?

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