Sunday, 2 December 2012

PEX Plumbing and Its Advantages

It’s only the second day of December but snow fall seems like it’s at its heaviest.  Despite all the weather forecasts and alerts, everyone was so surprised when the first snow poured all over Sweden.  I walked to and from work yesterday and it was a nightmare!

Anyway, due to the super cold weather outside, I have noticed that apartment buildings and houses all over the place are getting intensive plumbing inspection.  To avoid stumbling onto frozen pipe issues, our town’s team of men at work have been drilling a lot and checking the central plumbing system of each building to make sure that the drains, pipes and septic tanks are prepared to face the coldest months.

Are you aware that frozen pipes burst at some point?  When that happens, it’s definitely going to result to massive headaches, wasted time plus a that huge unfriendly bill.

I am no expert but I believe that when it comes to plumbing, countries within Europe have long left the copper and older ones to use anything from galvanized metal to PVC to lead.  I have read somewhere that PEX has been developed for use in Europe during the 1970s and has been then introduced to the United States for the first time in 1980.

PEX which is a cross link polyethylene.  It is a plastic pipe that’s flexible and made its way into the market when radiant floor heat systems became accepted and favored.  PEX tubings are proven to be resistant to the possible effects of both hot and cold temperatures.

PEX can be used for water supply lines, radiant heating lines in a house while a number of its types can be concealed under ground.  Although fact remains that up to this time copper is still the most common pipe to use, more and more plumbers now install PEX.

Advantages of PEX:

  1. It’s easy to install - Even homeowners can simply rent/purchase tools to make the connections.  It is quite similar to wiring a house.  For more recommendations, tubing details, necessary fittings and manifolds, check the PEX Mall Company.  Don’t forget to check their Tip of the Day page!
  2. Less frozen pipe issues than having copper.  It’s simple.  Metal freezes quicker than plastic.
  3. PEX is certainly way cooler than copper [better insulation] because it’s made of plastic.
  4. PEX is resistant to acid water conditions.
  5. Absolutely cheaper to purchase and install than copper tubings.

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