Thursday, 20 December 2012

Stylish Wine Racks for Wine Enthusiasts

Christmas Eve’s only a few more sleeps away!  Taking a stroll downtown this afternoon, I see people doing their holiday purchases.  Clothing, shoe, gadget and makeup stores are packed with shoppers searching for perfect gifts for their family and friends.  Everyone seems to be rushing to the supermarket to complete their holiday recipe checklists.  The liquor stores… yes, the liquor stores are selling their products like pancakes.

If sparkling champagnes are most popular to celebrate the New Year, traditional red and white wines take center stage during the Festive season.  Whichever color you prefer, be it dry or sweet, wines are perfect choices to complement your Yuletide meals.

If you are thinking of starting a wine collection, start by gifting yourself a stylish wine rack to store your first batch.  Here are a five classy wine racks that you might like:

1.] Oenophilia 6 Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack
Price: $23 at
2.] Florence Brassed Iron Swirl 12 Bottle Metal Wine Rack
Price: $190 at
3.] Pier One Bicycle Wine Rack
Price: On sale from $44.95 to $34.98 at
4.] Pier One Pyramid 6 Bottle Wine Rack
Price: $30.00 at
5.] Pier One Embossed 14 Bottle Wine Rack
Price: $59.95 at

My grandma-in-law’s single bottle candle holder wine rack:

How about you?  Are you a wine enthusiast?  If you are, how many wine racks do you have so far?  Do you buy them yourself or did you get them as gifts from friends and loved ones?

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