Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Here’s to a Clutter-Free New Year

Forget spring-cleaning, how about clearing away all your household junk at the very beginning of the year instead? As a nation we love to hoard, but if your family home is getting harder and harder to keep tidy, then perhaps it’s time you thought about investing in some extra storage - or even just considered some useful ways to create extra space. Start 2013 as you mean to go on, with a happy, spacious, clutter-free home.

Use the empty spaces

You may despair when your wardrobes and chest of drawers are full to the brim, but take a closer look and you might find some use for those common spaces in your home. For example, what about the cupboard under the stairs? Perhaps dad’s home office can be squeezed in there instead of taking up most of the living room. Have you considered the bathroom? You could make the most of the space underneath your bath with the simple addition of some storage boxes.

Above and below

We tend to forget about the spaces directly below or above our existing items of furniture. Your wardrobe probably has plenty of space for storage boxes on the top and at the bottom of the unit. Whatever shape or design you’re after, you’ll find the ideal storage boxes for your needs at ASDA. Most of us forget that there is plenty of space underneath our beds too - why not try some shallow sliding drawers for the perfect shoe storage solution.

TV wall brackets

Hanging your LED or LCD TV on the wall is a stylish way to create more space in your living room. Most old TV stands take up lots of room and can look a little outdated. By mounting your home entertainment system on the wall of your home, you can create a clean, sleek and modern look whilst creating plenty of extra space.

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