Friday, 18 January 2013

Stairs: On Getting The Extra Mile

There was a time when stairs and just stairs – a series or flight of steps as described by  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  These days, stairs pitch a handful of ideas on how to add more valuable space and extra storage units especially to homes with limited floor areas.

Below are a few examples of staircases which have gone the extra mile.  Prepare to be wowed!




● The Curved Staircase Library

Spiral stairs have been around for ages but it’s my first time to stumble upon this curved library staircase.  If you love books and have a gazillion in your collection, this idea might be perfect for you.

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● The Simple Storage Staircase Corner

Although not as cool as the first photo above, this simple storage corner looks neat and very much hidden.  If you aren’t the type of person who wants to see lots of items on your walls, then this staircase storage is for you.

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● The Retreat Under The Stairs Staircase

Why not turn the empty boring space under your staircase into a relaxing retreat space or a solemn reading crib?  Cool, huh?

Photo credit: Buchardtsmagasin


● The Single-Open Library Staircase

The no fuss no muss design.  Another straight forward staircase concept for bibliophiles.

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● The Drawer Staircase

Maximizing your home’s area by turning the empty space under your staircase into layers of drawers is in fact a wise move.  You get to have more storage space for your magazines, towels, books, your kid’s toys and more!

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There goes my top five staircase ideas.  I have seen many more fantastic designs and concepts when it comes to turning stairs into more useful ones.  I am sure that you have, too!

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