Friday, 15 March 2013

Adorable Cat Bed Ideas

I love pets and I know you do, too!  My boyfriend and I have two cats at the moment.  One black [Neko] and one orange [Bisse].  Both are cute and adorable.  Spoiled?  Yes, they are!  I am hoping to find a get another cat but not anytime soon.  We need to get a bigger apartment first.  Plus, I want the third cat to have a SnowBall --- a snow white cat.  Persian or not, I want a furry white meow!

Speaking of cats… once in awhile, we look for beds for our cats that they might like.  Unfortunately, the cat beds always end up in the cellar.  For some reasons, Neko and Bisse already have their favorite napping and resting spots during daytime and sleeping corners at night.  Their favorite sleeping spaces at home are to them definite and can’t be changed [no matter how hard we try] which we somehow find fascinating.

Let’s say my cats are fascinated with beds and they crave for new ones every now and then --- well, here are our picks for them:

The Pretty Straight Forward Fantasy Furniture Modern Faux Mink Pet Bed:

What’s not to love?  This handmade cat bed’s design is simple with a touch of elegance.  It looks comfy and my oh my… the chocolate color is perfect!

Want one?  Get this for $82.49 [Save 25% Before: $109.99] at petco.

The Fantastic Old Suitcase Transforms Into A Cute Cat Bed Idea:

This is absolutely a brilliant idea!  Why haven’t I thought of this before?  All thanks to  Now, this is going to be my next project!

The Industrial Style Cat Bed with Soft Pillow and Handmade Legs - Bright Green and White Galvanized Metal Tub:

The design of this bed isn’t something over-the-top but the idea is cool!  Cats will certainly love to curl up in this cozy bed! 

Get this at for $40.

Whoops!  I gotta say bye bye for now as there’s this orange creature who found a nice napping place at this time of the day --- my lap!  Making it difficult for me to type of my laptop.  Yayks! 

From my sleepy cat to your lovely home --- Happy Friday!

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