Friday, 8 March 2013

DIY: Necklace Organizer

In May of last year, I published a blog post about the Rake Necklace Organizer.  So many months have already passed.  Still, I am yet to try making my own necklace organizer using an old rake.  At least once a month, I visit the nearest second hand shop to check if they have something I could use but to no success.

I wasn’t really in any kind of rush as I didn’t that have many necklaces to organize until lately when I started [and kinda get a bit addicted to…] purchasing fashion jewelry on eBay.  With all the shopping, I need a wall necklace organizer ASAP!

I hit Google.  It did not take a long time to find the answer.  All thanks to A Full Mention of Happiness blog by Lauren.  She has this brilliant idea [which she tried herself, of course] of creating a necklace organizer using a towel rod and shower curtain rings. 

Photo credit: A Full Mention of Happiness

It does look neat, right?  Not to mention that it’s easy to make, too!  One thing though.  The towel rod and curtain hooks that we no longer use are made of plastic.  I want the metal pieces so I will have to look further.  I’ll be heading to the cellar [on Saturday or Sunday] to see if the pieces I need are just lying inside dusty boxes.

I will definitely show you pictures once this necklace organizer project’s done.  Fingers crossed… I can do this!

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