Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spectacular Vertical Blinds for Your Bathroom

A vertical blind in your bathroom is a type of covering for the windows and it also provides lots of protection. These blinds meet all your aesthetic demands and it also lets optimal light into your bathroom. If you want to become a proud owner of shiny, contemporary bathroom with vertical blinds, you need to see that type of material used in the vertical blind before you choose the colour as well as the pattern that complements your bathroom’s decorative style.


The best material for your bathroom’s vertical blinds is one that is moisture-resistant. PVC, aluminium, and waterproof fabrics will produce optimal results in keeping your blinds more functional as well as valuable. When it comes to maintenance part, you need to invest time to keep the bathroom clean, germ-free, and bright.

PVC [Poly Vinyl Chloride] vertical blinds will offer exceptional light as well as privacy control. They are also mould-resistant and water-proof. The solid state or flexible material used in blinds is easy to operate and since they are not connected with chains and bathroom weights, they should be safe enough.

When it comes to energy efficiency, PVC material will possess valued insulation characteristics, regardless of different weather conditions as well as seasonal changes. PVC window blinds are available in several colours and you can integrate them in a successful manner.

Aluminium Vertical Blinds

Aluminium vertical blinds are reflexive and anti-corrosive; so, you don’t need to worry about bathroom illumination. Bathroom blinds made of aluminium are less energy preserving when compared with PVC blinds due to its ability of its heat transferring feature, as well as the overall look of blinds. If maintained properly, these blinds are more durable.

Bathroom vertical blinds are manufactured with water-proof materials that are more elegant and it is a creative option. It also depends on the colour and pattern that you choose.

Choosing the Right Fabric

You cannot choose any kind of fabric since in highly humid spaces, fabric gets wet as well as mouldy, which can be a potential hazard for human health.

The decorative value of this fabric type in vertical blind is the reason why they are in use till now, and limitless options for this combination ensure your bathroom’s innovative decoration.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Make sure that proper cleaning is more essential, and it has to be included in the regular cleaning routine. Occasional dusting and thorough cleaning of the bathroom does shorten the time that you spend on maintenance.

For dry cleaning, you can also use dusters that aremadeof wool or other natural materials. Blinds can also be washed with mild detergents, or you can use sponge or sprays for removing the stains.

In the end, the final outcome of the bathroom decorations will certainly depend upon the energy amount, money, and time that you are willing to invest, and also the creative encouragement for turning your bathroom into a pleasant, relaxing, and sparkling clean room.

About the author: This article is written by Ashley Hawkins. She is a professional interior design blogger. She writes product reviews and upcoming news for top designer brands and other luxurious home decor items. You can follow her on twitter: @itsmeashley2013.

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