Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Key Features In Defining Our Dream Home

As I grow older, my interest from compulsive fashion shopping slowly turns into pitching in to save money for our dream home.  Don’t get me wrong.  I find nothing wrong living in a one-bedroom flat especially with a great landlord and well maintained facilities.  However, I feel like it’s time for me to crave for something more.  After all, hardworking people like me and and my boyfriend deserve something bigger and better.

I really haven’t decided yet on whether to aim for a house or a more spacious apartment.  Whatever which way, for as long as these criteria are met [see list below], we’ll be very happy to move in!

1. Two to three bedrooms, please.

We don’t have kids.  Yet, our one-bedroom flat seems to get smaller and smaller everyday.  We need a separate study/guest room so we can have that convenient and relaxed atmosphere.  As of the moment, our living room serves as our guest [thanks to our ever reliable sofa bed], study  and entertainment area all rolled into one.  Not enough space?  You bet!

If it’s not too much to ask, light laminate wood flooring will make me happier.  I find laminate flooring like the ones they have at beautiful and dashing without so much drama and complexity.  It’s also economical and easy to clean so what’s not to love?

2. A bigger kitchen and dining area – a plus!

As a chef, my passion for prepping, cooking and experimenting on new dishes extends from the hotel kitchen to the one we have at home.  If we are to move to a new den I want a larger kitchen to accommodate all my cooking gadgets.  I also want bigger kitchen cupboards and stock cabinets so I can organize my stuff better.  For the floor, I prefer the same thing… light laminate wood flooring to avoid dusting nightmares.

3. Bathroom – a tub is a must!

It doesn’t have to be big.  I just want it neatly designed.  A vanity sink is not a requirement but it’s something that I really really want.  A tub on the other hand is a must… always a must!

For the floor, for reasons I don’t know why I am not a huge fan of floor tiles.  Our laminate flooring in the bathroom is really easy to clean and maintain and that’s something I am happy about.  For the color --- light, mid or dark --- anything will do! 

That’s it!  And of course, the most important thing, the new home has to be within our budget and that’s the main reason why we’re beginning to save for the new home!  Hopefully, next year, we’ll already find a new place.  Fingers crossed!

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