Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Top Three On My Kitchen Wish List

Living in the same apartment unit for six years now, we’re finally looking forward to moving to a new home.  Due to time constraint [work and all] it’s not going to happen anytime within this year but hopefully in 2014, we’ll already be able to start fresh.

As a chef, my boyfriend gets curious every now and then about what my dream kitchen is.  He wants us to find a place with a kitchen that’s fit for a chef.  Truth of the matter is [and he knows this already], I actually do not have the complete picture of my dream kitchen inside my head – well, not just yet.  Considered as the heart of every home, I don’t want something that’s over-the-top.  I want it simple, tidy and every part of it functional.  And if the budget allows, I want to have these in our new kitchen:

For the backsplash, the classic subway glass tile design, please.

For the backsplash, I want something that’s light and pleasing to the eyes.  The subway glass tile idea is a classic [and my heart calls for it].  Choosing the right combination of shades can add a touch of sophistication to it just like this Tao Toffee backsplash that is one of the many projects of Glasstilestore:

Isn’t this backsplash subway’s simple design and on the spot color combo make this kitchen space look neat and subtle to the eyes?

Gray-stained cabinets and shelves.

I have nothing against white cabinets but after having them for so many years now, I’ve gotten tired of them.  This time, if ever given the chance to pick a color, I’ll definitely go for gray-stained cabinets --- in a heartbeat.  It’s neutral effect will match just right with the subway inspired backsplash.

Off-white marble countertops.

For me, marble countertops picture durability, elegance and timelessness.  Although I’ve read quite a few notes on how it is a fuss to maintain its beauty and finish, I still want to give it a shot.  With lots of tips and tricks plus great ideas scattered all over the internet from experts, I’m certain that I can handle marble countertops’ maintenance.

Well… for now, these are the top three on my kitchen wish list.

How about you?  What’s your dream kitchen?  If you were to design your own kitchen, how would you want it to look like?  The colors, the furniture, the tiles, the cabinets, shelves, the countertops?

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