Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Renovating Your Property on a Budget

With the weather improving, my thoughts are turning to decorating my house in time for summer. I’m hoping to host lots of dinner parties as the days warm up in sunny Surrey, and need to make sure my house is looking its best.  However, I don’t want to blow my budget on anything very expensive, so I’ve been looking into smaller-scale changes I can make to get my house looking its best.

One of the best tips I’ve found is for furniture renovation. I’ve got lots of pieces which are looking a little battered, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive paint. Instead, a friend suggested that I actually sand down more of the paint for more of a shabby chic look. It fits in well with my kitchen’s nautical theme, as it makes everything look like it’s been gently eroded by the sea. I might also buy some new handles to put on my drawers and cabinet cupboards to make them more unique.

Another idea which I’m really excited about is to add an interesting tile design around my fireplace. I’ve consulted a Surrey tiling firm and they’ve given me some great ideas. I’m going for a mosaic pattern which incorporates the same colours as the accent colours already in my living room so that I don’t have to do a complete design overhaul. I’m hoping to get some tiny mirrored tiles in there too to catch the light when I burn candles on the coffee table.

My favourite idea is to create my own wall art. I love taking photos on holiday, and instead of buying an expensive piece of art, I’m going to get a couple of my favourite holiday snaps put onto canvas so I’ll have some completely unique room decoration. It’ll also be a great talking point at dinner!

One of my favourite things to add to a room is plants. I’ve decided to transform my dining room into a bit of an indoor garden. I’m thinking a big trough of herbs on my sideboard into which I’ll sow some seeds I found in my kitchen, and perhaps a citrus tree in front of the window where the sun will be able to keep it suitably warm. It’ll give it a really nice, homely environment, and if someone decides they don’t like my food, they can always take a sneaky snip of basil or chive to make it a little more edible!

Author Bio: Brad Goodman is a home improvement and DIY enthusiast who regularly blogs about his latest renovation projects.

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