Saturday, 11 May 2013

10 Important Considerations When Buying An Investment Villa In Bali

Purchasing a villa in Bali may not be as straightforward as some of you may think. In Indonesia, there is a lot less regulation when it comes to the quality of building materials and construction methods. But anyone should know that quality construction and materials will be crucial to your villa's longevity. Nobody wants to buy a piece of real estate that will begin to fall apart and cause nothing but problems for its owners.

Investors who want to buy a villa and use it as a rental property should have it inspected to make sure that it will be safe for their guests. Here are some things to consider before you buy any property in Indonesia.

1. Verify the structural integrity of the building

An inspection should be done to ascertain the structural condition of the walls, roof frame, retaining walls, floors and ceilings.

2. Examine the quality of any building materials used during construction

Building materials are quite plentiful in Indonesia, but they are not all the same quality. Buying a building that is made of good quality materials will help ensure a longer lifespan and will also help you cut down on maintenance costs.

3. Be aware of building maintenance requirements for now and for the future

The reality of building methods and materials used in Indonesia means that even a villa that has just been built and never occupied before will need maintenance from the start. You should budget for maintenance starting now and consider any future maintenance the villa would need.

4. Verify that the plumbing sewer is installed properly

While this may not be a concern in other parts of the world, improperly installed sewer lines are found in several villas in Indonesia.

5. Inspect the water supply

The majority of water supplies in villas come from a ground bore. Incorrect bore installations are unfortunately quite common, which could result in several problems, like low water pressure or dirty water.

6. Check the safety of all electrical wiring

In Bali, you will find quite a few professional electrical contractors that perform safe installations in residential and commercial properties, which would even meet Australian standards. But for every professional electrician, there is an amateur that does shoddy work.

Your villa requires a reliable and safe electrical installation. Improperly installed wiring can be extremely dangerous to villa occupants.

7. Check for pest infestation signs

Pests, such as termites, are common in Bali and may cause structural problems, which would then require long and costly repair work.

8. Verify the condition of the pool

The pool can be a great feature of your villa, but if its structure or mechanics are defective, it can quickly turn into a big problem.

9. Check if the villa can be safely occupied

A thorough inspection of the property should be done to ascertain whether it is fit for occupancy. If there are any problems or dangers that would prevent the property from being used, you should have them documented.

10. Identify any possible road access and driveway issues

While you may not pay too much attention to the villa's driveway and the access road leading up to it at first, if there are community issues with them it can have a negative impact on the use of your villa.

About the author: Brad Porteus, Director of BSP Construction Consultants, investment property inspection specialists. You can find Brad on Google+ and LinkedIn as well!

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