Tuesday, 28 May 2013

5 Reasons Why Newcastle is a Prime Place to Live

If you’re considering a move to NSW but you’re not interested in the hectic city life that Sydney thrives upon, it might be worth looking north to Newcastle. It’s got all the perks of city living and so much more, making it the ideal location to live, work and play.

Coastal Living

Newcastle is a coastal city, located at the mouth of the Hunter River. Its sheltered harbour drew settlers here in colonial times but the gorgeous beaches and stretches of coastline are what keep people in Newcastle to this day. It brings city living to the shore, where residents can enjoy all the perks of a seaside lifestyle. Swimming, surfing, sunbathing, windsurfing, any beach activity you can think of is only a few minutes from the city centre.

First Class Services and Amenities

Newcastle is well known for providing residents with top services and amenities. It’s only a 2 hour drive from Sydney, yet residents rarely need to travel south to the big smoke as all their needs are serviced in Newcastle. There are fantastic schools and day care services, top private and public medical facilities and palliative care, even its own university. If your family love their sports, Newcastle is the ideal place to get physical with 345 parks, 60 tennis courts, 87 netball courts, 5 public pools and 103 playgrounds for children. There’s also plenty of fine dining, a colourful nightlife, and a multitude of other community services and facilities.

Small Town Attitudes, City Opportunities

Newcastle has made a name for itself as one of Australia’s friendliest cities. It’s a big city with so much to offer, yet it hasn’t lost its small town charms. The locals are friendly, helpful, and are always happy to welcome a new face to town, whether it’s travellers, tourists or new residents. There are lots of community events held at different times of the year which encourage residents to get involved in the community and meet their neighbours. It’s got everything the big cities have, without any cold, big-city mentality.

Arts and Culture

Newcastle also has a thriving artistic and cultural scene. It has an extensive library with lots of fantastic facilities, several museums hosting a wide range of historical and cultural exhibits, and many art galleries that often host events and exhibitions for local, national and international artists. Many successful Aussie bans and musicians have also come out of Newcastle, and you’ll find plenty of live music around the city throughout the year. You’ll also find events for comedy, literature and theatre, as well as many other art forms that are encouraged with community involvement, including festivals, musicals, plays, etc.

Experience Nature

Newcastle has a wide range of natural attractions and outdoor drawcards for residents to enjoy. Experience native wildlife and lush natural forests at Blackbutt Reserve, where you can walk or ride through its parklands, see wildlife exhibits, or enjoy a picnic while overlooking the city. There’s the rocky creeks and cliffs of the Glenrock State Conservation Area and it’s untouched beaches to explore. There’s the Hunter and Kooragang Wetlands areas full of diverse animal and plant life, and the desert-like Stockton sand dunes that are ideal for 4WD adventures, just to name a few.

So when it comes to planning your NSW move, why not skip the city apartments and check out some of Coral Homes' display homes in Newcastle.  If you love the sound of a beachy lifestyle with all the opportunities of city living, then look no further than Newcastle.

… Written by Stacey is a mother of 2 young children who recently relocated to Newcastle with her husband and wanted to share her new found love for the city with everyone.

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