Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5 Tips To Give Your Bedroom An Inexpensive Makeover

If your budget is tight and your bedroom is dated, you can easily update your room for minimal expense. The first step is to consider what your budget will allow for and how much you can realistically change. The following five tips will add spark and breathe new life into a dated and tired bedroom within the constraints of your budget.

Paint Your Bedroom

Paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update a bedroom. A new coat of paint on your walls will provide an instant update and make the entire room feel fresh. A good quality paint will only cost around $25 a gallon. If you desire to add a splash of boldness to your bedroom, consider adding a few stripes or a focal wall in a contrasting color. Changing the doors of your closet can refresh a tired looking bedroom; a quick Google search for wardrobe doors in Brisbane will point you in the right direction.

Get New Curtains

Curtains instantly give a bedroom a new look. You have a number of options when trying to locate inexpensive curtains. Many people donate curtains to thrift stores in fabulous condition when they move or redecorate. By putting in some time and effort, you will find the perfect curtains for your renovation project. If you know how to sew, consider making custom window treatments for your bedroom. All you need to make your own window coverings is some fabric. Simply measure your windows, add a hem and hang your new curtains.

Add New Bedding or A New Headboard

Buying a new duvet or comforter is expensive, but you do have options. Scour thrift stores and yard sales for bedding in good condition at a minimal cost. If you wait until Spring, merchants place bedding on sale for dramatic discounts to make room for new seasonal arrivals. If you have a headboard, cover it with a dramatic fabric to give your bedroom a new look. If you do not have a headboard, consider making one out of fabric or hanging curtains behind your bed. This inexpensive project will add romance and flair to your bedroom.

Add New Lamps or Refurbish Old Ones

The addition of new lamps will add charm to your bedroom space. For a free option, consider switching out lamps from another room in your home to create a new look in more than one area. Another inexpensive option is to paint the base of your lamp to give it a completely new appearance. Wrap a sheer yet colorful scarf around the lampshade and secure the scarf with a glue gun.


Remember, thrift stores and yard sales are your friend. Search for frames to paint and hang on your walls. Many people sell old pictures and frames for very little money or donate them to thrift stores. Paint all of your new frames black for a consistent look throughout your bedroom. Add family photos or pictures with a pop of color in them to instantly update your bedroom.

About the author: Natalie is a interior decorator from Brisbane, Australia. She loves blogging on a range of topics, especially interior makeovers.

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