Thursday, 2 May 2013

Adding Spring Touches To Your Interior

In spring the sense of rejuvenation outdoors, with the wonderful fresh air and colourful flowers pushing up through winter-benighted soil, birds singing and everything coming alive again, can be reflected in the home by the use of creative home décor ideas. By concentrating on the use of attractive, warm colours and lively arrangements of shaded areas, natural floral motifs and green plants you can introduce a sense of vigour and regeneration to your interior living spaces that matches the energetic and optimistic new atmosphere in the great outdoors.

Vibrant flowers and colours

Flowers are a key element when welcoming the spring into the house. Smaller flowers and plants arranged in attractive, colourful vases placed on tables, sideboards and shelves will lighten the mood. Don’t forget either to enrich interior walls with prints and paintings that evoke the new spirit abroad and depict the vibrant forms and colours of roses and daffodils.

If the general décor is a neutral one then that is fine for winter warmth. However, this quiet and contemplative colour scheme can be re-energised by the addition of strong primary colours to spring’s palette. Pink and red throws will add sweetness and a vivacious flourish to any colour scheme and positively vibrate in the sunlight streaming in from high patio windows. They’ll revive the dullest room in the twinkling of an eye, especially when used against a white background.

Don’t be afraid to play around with a variety of colours. Try using a range of differently coloured and textured cushion covers on your sofa, and cover the whole sofa with a new coverall to hide the brown leather or dull green that no longer suits the elevated mood of spring. Change any rugs for the same effect, and concentrate on yellows, pinks and bright greens.


Green accessories such as teapots, kettles and vases for the work spaces and dining table, and the use of pure white crockery and dishes will revive the interior atmosphere no end. You can also play around with beige, white and green tablecloths when striving for the natural look and an atmosphere of Zen-like calm and tranquillity.

Window coverings can incorporate attractive digital print designs that harmonise with the new garden greenery and flowers. It’s not necessary to exchange your old curtains for a set of lacquered Japanese panels when there are numerous varieties of different printed motifs to choose from. You could even go the whole hog and use the traditional, environmentally friendly block printing method to transfer natural dyes to your fabrics.

Freshness and light

Placing bowls of fruit in every room always fosters a welcoming ambience, and the introduction of a few glass-topped tables will create a more open, light-hearted mood. The idea is to effectively open up the interior architecture to the rejuvenating effects of the season without actually dismantling the walls. Use your imagination to entice the spring inside your home through what amounts to sympathetic magic, imitating the spirit of the new life outside so that it’s happy to enter and bless you and yours.

Author Bio: David Bell is a freelance writer and blogs about interior design, food, travel, business and technology. Follow him on Twitter @DavidBellWriter

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