Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Brighton, the Barbados of Britain

Tropical-ish climate

Want to go on a proper summer holiday with your family, but don’t have a fortune to spend? Brighton is the answer: situated as far south as you can without actually leaving the country, Brighton has pretty much the highest chance of nice weather than anywhere else in Britain. With temperatures averaging up to 20 degrees Celsius and sunshine averaging 10 hours through summer months, you could be fooled in to thinking you are abroad!

Affordable necessities

One of the most expensive things about going on holiday is the food and accommodation. This is can ordinarily be one of the downfalls of holidaying in our own country, but not anymore! If you check out the Travelodge hotels in Brighton you will notice that an entire family room is the same price as a double, and you can even stay on the seafront!
As for the food that you can get your hands on, the climate is such that enables you to enjoy picnics and barbeques as well as venturing down the Lanes for fixed price, good value Italian Food. For more dining out offers, check out the special offers page on the Visit Brighton website to keep an eye on the continually updated latest or there’s the Reader’s finest Brighton Cheap Eats on The Good Food Guide website too, that’s the necessities sorted!

Entertainment value

One thing that doesn’t even need to be sold about Brighton, is the entertainment, it is notorious! There is an enormous diversity of activities to suit all ages, cultures and interests.
The beach alone houses a huge range of things to do from swimming, surfing, kayaking, sun bathing, sailing, ice-cream eating and the all-famous Brighton Pier which houses fair-ground activities and arcade like fun with the tastiest fish and chips and best bars.

Perhaps if the weather isn’t making you want to slap on the suncream, you could venture to one of the museums, go on numerous available walks, see some galleries, take one of the many tours, have a ride on the famous wheel, go shopping, visit the Sea Life Aquarium, do some outdoors activities like climbing, take a boat trip, or check out other available options on the things to do page on the Visit Brighton1 web page.
Not only does Brighton offer all-year round entertainment, but there is The List and Diary of Events2 which gives you a scheduled plan of what’s happening this month and throughout the year including special events, exhibitions, performances and festivals etc, a lot of which are free. Take a look at it first to see if there’s something you’d love to be in Brighton for and get your accommodation booked up quick before all the rooms are gone! Brighton has so much to offer, that you’ll have the whole family begging to go again next year, and you’ll want to too after all the money you save. Enjoy!

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