Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Demystifying Home Decorating

One of the best things about having a home of your own is getting the chance to decorate it the way you want.  Your own space gives you the opportunity to express yourself in entirely new ways.  However, figuring out exactly what you want to do can be a bigger challenge than you might imagine.

Picking a Theme – Is it Necessary?

If you flip through any book or magazine on home decorating, you’ll see a lot of reference to a home’s theme.  Theme is an important part of a professional decorator’s job but it may not feel important to you.  What exactly is a theme and is having one really that important?

In decorating, a theme is a selection of central elements that are used throughout the decorating process; themes help create a unified, balanced appearance.  Typically, home décor themes will include one primary color, two complementary colors, one or two contrasting colors, and a couple keywords that help guide the use of those colors and the selection of items.  To see how this works, let’s consider an example. 

A person wishing to decorate their living room selects yellow as the primary color, light green and white as complimentary colors, dark blue as a contrasting color, and nature as the keyword.  To bring this theme to life, the decorator could look for a yellow couch and white throw pillows.  A vase filled with dried willow branches and dark blue flowers add contrast and emphasize the nature theme.  The finished room looks coordinated and well-planned.

Having a theme is helpful because it gives you a reference to consider when choosing different items for your home.  You can shop faster and use your budget in a more focused manner with the aid of a theme.  On the other hand, some people find that having a highly defined theme limits them; they’d prefer to let the space grow in a more organic manner.

Adding Interest to a Decorated Space

Whether or not you’ve chosen a highly-specific theme for a room, you’ll get to a point when you’re not sure what to do next.  This point usually comes after the large items like furniture, wall art, and electronics have been chosen.  The room looks good but there’s something missing.  What the room’s lacking is interest.  Interest is decorating concept that refers to visual texture and the creation of layers – levels of detail that become evident only upon closer examination.  Small decorative objects like photographs and knick knacks will add real personality to the room.  If you’re feeling especially creative, you can put together your own item of interest.  A centerpiece of fresh or artificial flowers and leaves looks good in any space and is easy to make.  Arrange these items in a container like a glass bowl or a basket.  Tuck deco poly mesh or ribbons with battery powered candles into the center and place it on a table or shelf.  These are the little touches that bring your space to life.

Home decorating can be a big challenge; creating a plan or a theme before you begin decorating can help the process go more smoothly.  You’ll find that inspiration comes to you as you continue to fill your space.  Don’t forget to add objects of interest to the room after it’s filled with the main items.  As you’ll discover, it’s the little things that really make the difference.

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