Friday, 3 May 2013

DIY Cat Box Fort

A new kitten is always a joy to have in the home. They are adorable little creatures that love to romp and play. Why spend hundreds on dollars on a cat tower when you can make something just as fun for $5? Spend a little time making your new kitten their very own box fort! Even your older cat may join in and love it just as much as their younger friend. All you will need is cardboard boxes, a pencil, durable tape, X-acto knife/scissors, and some creativity.

First you need to get yourself some decently size cardboard boxes. I got mine at the store for about 60 cents each. I picked up about eight because I wanted my cats to have a lot of room for play. You can decide how many you want. Maybe you only have a small space. Pick up two. If you have a whole wall to work with pick up 10. The possibilities are endless. Get a really good clear tape that is thick and sticks well. No scotch tape that you use for gift wrapping. You don't want anything that peels easily that a cat can swallow. I suggest picking up an X-acto knife if you don't have one. They are great for all types of crafts and art.

No need to pay for expensive cat condos to make cats really happy!  Boxes and DIY forts are enough. *wink*

The first thing you are going to want to do is set up your boxes. Put them all together with your tape like you are sealing them up for moving. Don't put anything in them, you will be cutting into them soon. On the faces with no tape, start drawing designs. On one box I put many holes the size of a baseball on one face, some holes the size of a golf ball, a large square for an entrance, and then a smaller square to squeeze through. Get creative with this part! Think of how all your boxes will connect together. Make a huge box maze with plenty of entrances and exits. Cats love small holes where you can tempt them with toys. Go crazy and have fun!

After designing your boxes, use your X-acto knife to cut away the designs. Be careful! These knives are sharp and should not be used by children or around pets. Once you cut away your designs, you should be all set! Double check for any tape sticking out and  sharp sides. Now you have just made your very own box fort for your furry friends. Mine have lasted almost a year now and my cats still play in them. It is cheap and you will feel good knowing you created a fun fort for your felines.

About the Author: Andrea Booth is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader for home security systems in Houston. She loves spending time with her two kitty friends and creating fun box castles for their entertainment.

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