Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eco Friendly Homes: Making Comfortable Living Possible

The reality of climate change and solid waste crisis has shaken the human race as a whole with a string of disasters that killed human lives. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and typhoons in different parts of the world are evidences that show how badly damaged the earth is now. If further efforts are not made to address this dilemma, worse catastrophes may be forthcoming.

Thankfully, different entities, both private and public, have started working together to do something about the downward spiral of the ecosystem. The desire to rehabilitate the damaged ecosystems of the planet for the benefit of the present and future generations transformed many bystanders into active advocates. An advocacy is something one believes in and it must start at home. An environmental advocacy can definitely start with eco friendly homes and lifestyles.

Living in eco friendly homes is not like living in some ancient cave deprived of amenities and basic conveniences. It is comfortable and aesthetically pleasant in every way. The demand for these types of homes is going up as more and more people realize its advantages. In fact, many architectural companies design and sell modular eco friendly homes. They can similarly customize designs to make homes beautiful in every respect, making sure to fuse and integrate environmentally friendly concepts into the homes. Materials are either natural and biodegradable or recyclables and reusable materials.

Designs maximize the use of light and wind. Alternative sources of power are installed like solar panels, wind-powered electric turbines, and geothermal heating systems. Rainwater harvesting system can be installed to for free water. Even lighting fixtures are eco friendly. Fortunately, many lighting manufacturers have taken it upon them to come up with energy saving lighting fixtures like LEDs, CFLs, and more. These lights use less energy and emit less heat that damage the environment. You can easily find these lights in Lewisville lighting stores. Some of these fixtures are identifiable by their Energy Star stickers.

Eco friendly homes also make sure that solid wastes are segregated and reduced by recycling and reusing. Where it is possible to compost the biodegradable waste, the product is used as fertilizers to grow one’s own vegetables. In cities where planting may be hard but possible, potting plants can help. Otherwise, segregating wastes can help garbage collectors in separating the wastes before these are brought to sanitary landfills.

The concept of eco friendly homes is actually making resurgence because long before this term or any other name was coined, ‘green homes and buildings’ have been around. Hands, creativity, and much passion have built some. A fine example of this was the green home that was built by Boyce Luther Gulley in 1927 for his daughter after he was diagnosed of tuberculosis. It was a mansion with 18 rooms made from stone, adobe, car parts, and other natural and recycled materials.

Living in eco friendly homes offer great benefits while supporting the global advocacy of environmental rehabilitation. If you can’t join organizations that serve as advocates of green living, you could at least try to help in your own little way. Look around your home and find out how green concepts can be built there. You might be surprised what you can find.

About the author: Antonio Santorini is a professional SEO writer and advocate of G.R.E.E.N., an eco-friendly organization that conducts seminars in small neighborhoods to teach homeowners the value of going green inside the house.

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