Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Five Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Sofa

Buying a new sofa can be as big of a deal as buying a new car. True it may not cost as much, but you intend on keeping that piece of furniture for a long period of time so the furniture you select becomes an integral part of your household. It adds character and personality to your home. The sofa you select is the center attraction of any event you may have in your home, whether it be a formal dinner or a casual meet up with some friends. That being said, the best way of selecting the proper sofa that suits your home environment is by taking one out on a test drive, just the way you would test drive a car. 

Many factors have to be considered when selecting an appropriate sofa. So it's important to keep in mind some basic factors before you even enter the furniture store. Walking into a furniture store can become a bit overwhelming, however all your questions can be answered and apprehensions mitigated by considering the following five factors: the proper size of the sofa, the sofa's orientation, shape which suits the room, upholstery material and a style that best compliments your lifestyle and of course the color combination.


If you have a large room to cater to, you need to consider whether this sofa will be the only furniture or will other pieces of furniture like coffee tables and chairs be complementing it. Ask yourself how much of the room do you want to cover with your sofa set. On the other hand if you have a small room the task becomes more daunting. A sofa will act as the main attraction in a room of lesser size so make sure the sofa blends well with the room's structure.


Before you begin to analyze the orientation of your living room, first analyze your lifestyle. If you love to get together with friends and family to watch the newest Hollywood releases, make sure the sofa is facing the television. Hosting coffee parties or game nights? Place the sofas such that they are facing each other. If the living room is predominantly for the family, make sure there are plenty of chairs and cushions where the family members can be comfortably accommodated.


By now you should have a pretty good idea of what function your sofa will meet. It is time to think about what shape can best compliment that purpose.

If you have a large room and you don't want to clutter the area with more furniture, you should think about settling with an L-shape sofa set. For smaller rooms a round-shaped sofa can best meet your requirements. However if you want to add more pieces of furniture a chaise or daybed can be most appropriate, as it provides seating for a couple of people and still leaves room to house other articles of furniture.


Focusing on merely the aesthetic qualities of a sofa set is only half the picture. Functionality and practicality are both important when choosing the upholstery of the sofa. Many of us are attracted to lavish materials such as suede or leather, but they won't suit a household that has small children or house pets. Buying a white suede sofa set with a toddler at home can be a nightmare. Leather sofas give a classy touch to the living arrangement and they age well with time, however if you have cats or dogs, a leather sofa would not last long under their claws. For the best utility choosing fabric is a decision you cannot go wrong with.


It's essential to select a style that best compliments your home. Luckily in choosing the style, there is no set criterion, just go with your gut instinct. To compliment a sleek and contemporary style, pick something with defined lines and vibrant colors. If you desire a more traditional approach, a classically framed sofa set in durable and neutral upholstery will be sure to last long and fit well with a plethora of colors and accompanying pieces of furniture and decorative pieces.
By considering these factors, you would be on your way to selecting the best for you.

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