Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How To Save Money When Refitting Your Bathroom

A great deal of people will tend to put off refitting or redecorating their bathroom for a long time because they’re thinking about the high costs involved in buying all the new units and paying for them to be installed. You’ll delay getting started on it by using the money elsewhere because a bathroom might not seem as important to you as a new kitchen or redecorating a well-used bedroom. But think about it more carefully: the bathroom is used daily by every member of your family; guests use the bathroom too. Shouldn’t it look nice for those reasons? And have you also considered that it may be better in the long run to refit the bathroom?

Many houses, whether they’re bought or rented, tend to change hands without the bathroom being changed in any way. This means your bathroom could have been used by several families before you. After all that use, it’s inevitable that one of the appliances at least will not be working quite as well as it used to be. It might only start with a tiny leak that’s barely noticeable, but this could be losing you money on water as well as getting damp underneath the flooring, which will be costly to replace in the long run.

It may seem expensive at first glance, but installing new appliances such as a Geberit dual flush will definitely save you money in the long run. These work by having two separate flushes, both very economical and efficient with water usage, and one more so than the other. Things like this are not only good for your wallet, but also the environment!

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Along the same lines, replacing old bathroom suites that may have been in the house for decades can help to save on water. There are bath tubs available that have a clever design which needs less water to fill but is still as spacious feeling as a regular tub. You are much less likely to get any little leaks from newer appliances too as they will be less worn and built more sturdily.

You can also save money while refitting your bathroom by being clever with what you buy. Watch out for deals, such as buying whole bathroom suites in one go. Try visiting thrift or charity shops to find little pieces such as cabinets or shelving. If you’re bored of your old towels, try dying them a new colour to fit in with a new colour scheme. There are plenty of little things you can do to make your bathroom feel brand new but on a budget.

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