Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DIY: The Old Wooden Hanger Necklace Organizer

Oh what a relief!  The day has come for me to find a way to organize my necklaces.  Organizing things --- my weakness.  But hey.  At least I’m trying, yeah?  Yey!

In a couple of posts, I wrote about two different D-I-Y cool necklace organizers, the towel rod and curtain ring idea and the rake necklace organizer.  Since finding a used rake head was quite a challenge and with no plan of drilling new holes on the wall for the towel rod design, I came up with something super simple which cost me nothing.

All I did was take out an old wooden hanger from the closet and turned it to something useful.  I first thought of adding hooks but then I realized that I really didn’t have to.  Instead, I looped one necklace onto the hanger and another, and another until all of them had taken their spots on the hanger!  Easy, huh?

The Old Wooden Hanger Necklace Organizer:

Here’s a surprising fact:  after I had the job done, I counted and knew only then that there were about thirty necklaces in my collection.  Thirty is a huge number for someone who rarely wears one.  Yes.  Rarely. *wink*

Do you want to match the color and style of your old wooden hanger to your room?  If you do, feel free to paint it or better yet, have it wrapped with a piece of ribbon of your favorite color.  However you do it, I am pretty sure you’ll love the result.

Happy organizing everyone!

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