Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wish List: New Home Appliances for 2013

A few minutes ago, I placed an order online --- four pillow cases along with a 5 piece stainless steel chef knife set.  Although the purchase was not that cheap, the deal I received from the shop was irresistible.  Plus the fact that I really needed a new set of knives for work, I grabbed the opportunity without thinking twice.  Excited to receive the package, I am!

Anyway, shopping for more home items and appliances is going to be lovely this year.  I am so glad that we’ve made sure to save a decent amount for buying some home gadgets that we really need.


Let me start with the “I so want!” machine --- the dishwasher.  I can still remember my friend teasing me about my idea of getting one.  She says that dishwashers are designed for lazy people.  Wrong.  The way I see it, it’s actually designed for people who are busy.  With my hectic schedule at work, when ready, all I need to do is to load and unload the machine giving me more time to spend with my boyfriend or chat with my family back home or at times, just chill out and relax after those tiresome hours at work.  No more piles of dirty plates and utensils on the countertop.  My boyfriend and I are so looking forward to getting this helpful kitchen helper.

Air Purifier

As cat lovers, our little flat is home to two lovely furry friends, Neko and Bisse.  We’ve been checking out a number of air purifiers for some time now and we are hoping that before 2013 ends, we get to already make up our minds on which to buy.  Googling for reviews, ratings and recommendations, as well as dropping by wikipedia, it’s become obvious to our knowledge that it’s best for us to get a HEPA [high-efficiency particulate air] type.  According to experts HEPA air purifiers are invented to remove impurities, odors and catch both big and tiny stuff – perfect for pet hair!

So far, the Honeywell brand stands out.  We’ll definitely do more research to come up with a decision that we won’t be regretting in the end.  We might as well find time to read a number of ventilation tips from Fantech just to be sure.

… and by the way, we’re not allergic to cats.  We just want to breathe in cleaner air.  You do too, right?

A Convection Oven Plus A Ceramic Electric Cooktop

As a chef by profession, need I say more?  To have our old oven and countertop replaced with a convection oven and a ceramic electric cooktop is a dream come true.

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