Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wish List: Purchase New Pillow Cases – Done!

Sometimes even the simplest items on your wish list don’t get granted in a snap.  Sounds familiar?  I bet it does!

Just like you, my home wish list keeps getting longer.  Due to loads of things to do, plus work and at times tight budget, making those items on the list come true is left undone until almost forgotten.

While spending a few minutes reading my to-buy notes a some nights ago, I just couldn’t stop staring at a line that said “new pillow cases [with ruffles, please]” – emphasis on ruffles, please.  I just couldn’t believe that it took me a couple of years to finally try and hunt for new ones.  Haha.  Could it be because we already have many anyway?  Maybe.  But well, getting new fresh ones --- that’s a must!

So while checking online shops, jumping between two of my favorites, I stumbled upon a pillow case with wide ruffles stitched around the edges.  Perfect!  Then I noticed lovely words in red saying – 60% off.  The day had gotten even better!

Without thinking twice, I purchased four of them was mentioned mentioned in one of my previous posts [Wish List: New Home Appliances for 2013].  Two in white and two in beige.  Lovely, aren’t they?

The pillow cases, along with the other pieces I’ve ordered are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, lunch time.  Can hardly wait!

How about you?  What items from your home wish list have come true recently?  Did you buy them yourself or did a friend, a family member or your better half grant your wish?

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