Saturday, 8 June 2013

Copper Kitchen Sinks – Are They Worth The Investment?

What is the most common item amongst all kitchens? If you have answered 'stainless steel sink' then you've nailed it because these sinks are 'omnipresent'! If you do not want to go with this common option but make your kitchen stand out from the crowd and appear unique then you should consider getting copper kitchen sinks. Often considered to be the jewel of the kitchen, copper sinks make all the difference because of their unique color and striking beauty. These are very versatile; they go down well with modern kitchens as well as ones that have an antique theme.

Copper is one of the oldest core metals whose use dates back to thousands of years ago. This trusty metal is used for storing water, building homes and for making utensils and sinks. Unlike its stainless steel counterpart, copper sinks aren't produced in bulk therefore they aren't a very common sight in homes. These sinks are forged from top quality copper and hammered/handcrafted into timeless sink pieces that last a really long time! One of the primary reasons as to why people choose to have copper sinks is for sanitary reasons. According to studies, bacteria can survive for days on the conventional stainless steel sinks but in case of copper sinks they only manage to survive for a couple of hours!

Since copper sinks are distinct from stainless steel ones therefore people tend to presume that they would be harder to maintain. This is definitely a far cry from the truth because copper kitchen sinks are very low maintenance. The golden rule here is to basically wipe the copper sink dry after every use. There is no need of purchasing alcohol-based or harsh/abrasive cleaning fluids and products for the purpose of cleaning copper sinks. One can use specially formulated copper cleaning polishes in order to get rid of discolorations and water stains.

By opting for copper sinks you will also be doing your bit towards the environment because these sinks are very 'green' since they are constructed from repurposed or recycled copper. Old copper building materials and plumbing pipes, copper wires, etc are melted down and then purified in order to create copper sinks. The best part about using copper is that they never need to be discarded into landfills since they can be melted down, purified and reused time and again. Another reason that makes such sinks green is the fact that copper possesses antibacterial properties, which means that you do not need to use harsh cleaners and chemicals that are harmful for the environment for cleaning purpose.

It takes a bit of investment in order to get a copper sink but once such sink is installed in your kitchen you will find that it makes a huge difference to your kitchen's décor as it adds elegance and beauty to it. These are worth the investment and are truly useful to have in the kitchen.

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… written by James Smith appreciates quality fittings in kitchen. He recommends copper kitchen sinks to people who would like to have a long lasting sink that is hygienic and easy to maintain.

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