Sunday, 9 June 2013

Getting A Hold On Your Credit Report: Top Tips To Improve Credit Scores

There’s nothing worse than calling up the bank or finance provider, with the hope of securing a credit card, to find that they decline your application because your credit score doesn’t cut the mustard. While we may know a little about what a credit score actually is, it doesn’t help when we have to leave the bank empty-handed, without the credit card we were hoping for. You can click here for more information about credit scores, which will help you to understand the importance of them when it comes to personal finance.

As an individual, heading to a reputable site to obtain an up-to-date credit report is imperative every once in a while to ensure your finances are in order. The better you are with your money, the higher your credit score and the more likely the finance providers will agree to any future credit applications. But what do you need to do to improve your credit score? Here are some top tips that we can all try and do, even if we have damaged our scores in the past.

The Electoral Roll

If you’re not already listed, signing up to the electoral register is the easiest way to boost your credit score. Remember that when you move house, you have to re-add yourself to the Electoral Roll.

If you’re not eligible to vote for whatever reason, make sure the credit agencies know of your circumstances so that they can update your file and ensure your situation isn’t counting against your score.

 Stay Debt Free

Keep on top of your debts and make sure they’re being paid off regularly. Try and pay more than the minimum payments on your cards and, if you’re struggling with loans, see if you can readdress the repayment schedule. Cancel any unused credit cards so that the amount of credit you have access to is reduced.

It’s also quite a good idea to put small amounts onto your credit card each month in order to pay them off in full after pay day – showing the lenders that you’re reliable and good with credit.

Personal Information

This is perhaps the most obvious point, but make sure that if your personal details change for whatever reason, the credit agency knows about it.

Remember, even if you have a good finance history, if your file is linked to that of your spouse and they have a poor credit history, it could affect yours in a negative way.

It’s normal to fall in to bad financial habits at some point during our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer with an unfavourable credit score forever.

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