Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Some Basic Facts About The Roof Over Your Head

Most people never give their roof a second thought, yet it is the one thing that protects the home and everyone in it from the elements. Without a roof, there would be no protection from the sun’s harmful rays or the rain that falls. There are several crucial facts every homeowner should know about their roof and the importance of repairs.

Hidden Damages

Almost one fourth of all roofs have some type of damage that requires repairs. This damage is usually not visible from the ground and requires walking on the roof to see it. Damage like this can cause leaks, but by having a professional inspection periodically, roof repairs can be easily tackled before it ends up needing to be completely replaced. Some damages may even warrant repairs covered by an insurance company.

Putting Off Repairs

If a roof has a small leak, it is not going to get better, but rather much worse. Homeowners often try to put off the repair due to financial restraints, however the longer a repair issue is let go, the more expensive it will cost and could end up needing a total replacement. Putting off the inevitable is never a way to deal with a roofing issue.

Proper Ventilation

The attic needs to push air out in order to allow the house to vent properly. If the ventilation system is not in place, you are paying way more in energy bills than you should be. The AC bill can be drastically reduced when ventilation is in place. There are several types of vents that can be used, but the most popular are the turbine, ridge and power vents.

Lifetime Will Vary Depending On Location

While manufactures state that roof should last 15 to 20 years, there is a great deal of variables that come into play. For instance, a home that is located in the south where the heat is high may experience the need to replace a roof every 10 years. The same can be said of people who live in areas where massive snow accumulation and hail is possible.

A roof is important, which is why it is essential to have all roof repairs taken care of as soon as possible. Rather than waiting for a water leak to tell you the roof has problems, be proactive and ensure the one thing protecting you from the elements remains strong and intact.

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