Saturday, 29 June 2013

Top Tips For A Stylish Living Room

If you are decorating your living rooms and you want to create a space that is really attractive and homely then there are various options open to you. Decorating is fun and you should be excited because this is a way to freshen up your house and give it a completely new look.

A stylish living room can really tie a home together so here are a few tips to help you create one:


A great way to create a stylish living room is with upcycling. This is all the rage right now and it is a top idea. It means taking your existing furniture and fittings that you don’t really like and doing them up to make new pieces that will fit into your dream living room. This could be taking an old mirror and sanding down the wooden frame and waxing it to get a stylish rustic look. Or it could be repainting an old coffee table in a bright colour to fit in with your new scheme of décor.

Choose bold colours

Bold colours are a great idea if you want to create a room that people will remember. Choose a couple of tones that compliment each other and either paint them all over your room or use them on accent walls with white covering the rest of your room.

Go for comfy chairs

We are talking about style here but comfort is just as important. This is your living room after all so you have to be comfortable as you are likely to spend a lot of time here, watching TV, relaxing with a book or chatting with family and friends. Choose a nice big sofa such as the corner sofas uk @ that you can laze back on and snuggle up on, and some super comfy armchairs that are a treat to sit in. Thankfully you can get comfort and style quite easily these days so creating a comfortable and attractive room is very possible.

Don’t focus on the TV

A common theme with stylish living rooms is the TV, or rather it is not. A room that points towards a TV loses cool points straight away so try not to focus too much on your TV. Have it there in the background but not as a focal point.

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